NIGHT TEA 何人可 晚安涼茶  不含咖啡因 blog

NIGHT TEA 何人可 晚安涼茶 不含咖啡因


HOY AN HOR Night Tea 何人可晚安凉茶

REST & WIND DOWN  在临睡前,松懈舒缓

Today’s fast paced, challenging, day-to-day life can contribute to hidden health problems leading to tension in the body and mind which affects quality of rest at night. What you need is to relax and wind down with a cup of HOYANHOR Night Tea.

快节奏的城市生活及紧张的工作环境,造成身体和情绪紧绷,往往是导致健康问题的隐忧,而间接影响晚间休息的品质。 请放缓忙碌的脚步,享用一杯何人可晚安凉茶。

Q&A  常見问题

HO YAN HOR Night Tea is a caffeine-free tea blend with 21 types of Chinese traditional medicine with mulberry tea leaves. HO YAN HOR Night Tea helps in liver cleansing & clearing vision, drink it after dinner to help calm & relax and have a good rest at night.   何人可晚安凉茶是以桑叶混合了21种中草药炮制的无咖啡因凉茶, 晚间饮用有助松懈舒缓,好好休息。


HO YAN HOR Night Tea contains Chinese traditional herbs with Mulberry tea leaves, whereas the HO YAN HOR Original Herbal Tea contains black tea leaves. As an advantage over the HO YAN HOR Original Herbal Tea, it is caffeine-free and therefore is suitable for people who are sensitive to caffeine. Drink a cup of HO YAN HOR Night Tea after dinner helps to reduce body heatiness, relieves tension and improve sleep quality.  何人可晚安凉茶含传统中草药和桑叶,而何人可原创凉茶则含有红茶成分。 何人可晚安凉茶不含咖啡因,更适合对咖啡因敏感的人。 晚餐后饮用,有助清除体内热气、舒缓压力以及改善睡眠品质。


HO YAN HOR Night Tea is not a medicine. It contains natural herbal ingredients that helps to calm and relax. Regular drinking of HO YAN HOR Night Tea helps to improve the quality of sleep at night. However, if you have serious and long-term insomnia, it is recommended to seek for a doctor’s advice.  何人可晚安凉茶不是药物, 它含有帮助镇静和放松的天然草药成分, 常喝有助改善睡眠品质。 但如果你长期面对严重的失眠,建议尽早就医。

HO YAN HOR Night Tea is a natural herbal tea that is free from preservatives, contaminants, pesticides, hormones and heavy metals, it is safe to drink often.何人可晚安凉茶是天然草药茶,不含防腐剂、污染物、农药、荷尔蒙激素或重金属,常喝无妨。

Yes, you can, it can reduce heatiness, help you feel calmer and relax. It is not a medicine and doesn’t cause drowsiness or sleepiness. As it is caffeine-free, it is suitable to drink at night. 何人可晚安凉茶有助清除热气,让人感觉平静放松。 它不是药物,不会引起睡意或困倦, 加上不含咖啡因,适合晚间饮用。


HO YAN HOR Night Tea is not a medicine, it has no preservatives, coloring, hormones, contaminants and pesticides. It is not contraindicated for pregnant ladies but however, please do not drink in excessive and do drink after meal to avoid any stomach sensitivity problem, which is common in pregnant ladies.何人可凉茶不是药物,不含防腐剂、色素、荷尔蒙激素、污染物或农药, 孕妇服用并无禁忌,但却不宜过量饮用。适于饭后饮用,以减低孕妇的肠胃敏感问题。

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