We all know just how precious a pack of instant noodles can be in a difficult time. Whether you can barely move yourself off the couch or you're in a stressful, time-crunched need for sustenance, the instant noodle choices to fit your needs have evolved like no other. Exquisite flavors fromcountries around the world have flavored the marketplace for instant noodles in a deliciously delightful manner that simply can't go ignored!

The days of standard Chicken Cup Noodle are long gone. Today, there exist thousands upon thousands of competitive noodle masters creating and embellishing the ancient art of noodle preparation, and by consequence pre-packaged adaptations have made their way into the marketplace. In fact, some would even go as far to say that in comparison to restaurant served noodles, some instant noodle brands are just as good. Many of our customers have certainly expressed their agreement, but who are we to tell you if they’re actually that good? Don’t want to take our word (or the media's) for it - have a taste and decide for yourself! To help guide your noodle journey, here’s a list of some of our most popular instant noodles. (In case you forgot, orders over $50 = Free Shipping in Continental United States ;)

1. Tseng Spicy Sichuan Noodles With Scallion

2. Koka Laksa Singapure (Rice Noodle Bowl) 

3. Indomie Mi Goreng Pedas Hot Instant Fried Noodles

4. Mom's Dry Noodle Onion Oil & Shrimp Flavor

5. Vedan Korean Kimchee Noodle

6. KOKA Spicy Black Pepper Noodles 

7. Tseng Spicy Sichuan Pepper Flavored Noodles