For a limited time only, we are offering two special deals for our Sincero Matcha Milk Chocolate Almonds and our Tastetopper Concentrated Chicken Broth! 

Deal 1: Buy 2 Get 1 Free!

  • - Applies to both Sincero Matcha Milk Chocolate Almonds and Tastetopper Concentrated Chicken Broth

  • - When you order 3 of either product (must be two of a kind, not one of each), the third unit is on us!

  • - No limit to how many you can get! (while stock lasts)

  • - All promotions can be used simultaneously!

Deal 2: Orders over $100 and over $150 get free gifts!


  • - If your order subtotal is between $100.00 - $149.99, we will include one Tastetopper Concentrated Chicken Broth for free!

  • - If your order subtotal is over $150.00, we will include one Sincero Matcha Milk Chocolate Almonds (or Tastetopper Concentrated Chicken Broth, if specified) for free! 

  • - Can use simultaneously with Deal 1 & Free Shipping

  • - The additional unit will not appear in your shopping cart, but rest assured - you will receive your gift based on your order total amount!

Deal 1, Deal 2 and FREE SHIPPING (on orders over $50.00) can all be used at the same time!

What are you waiting for? 

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