BRAND'S® Bird's Nest with Rock Sugar is made using 100% genuine bird’s nest brewed under hygienic processing conditions and verified by a unique Fingerprinting Technology Infrared (FTIR) recognition system. BRAND'S® goes to great lengths to ensure theirtraditional formula contains no added preservatives or artificial flavouring. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about this ancient, healthful delicacy. Answers are provided by BRAND'S®, visit their website to learn more!

Is BRAND’S® Bird's Nest with Rock Sugar suitable for people with food protein allergies?

We recommend consulting a healthcare professional before consumption.

Does BRAND’S® Bird’s Nest with Rock Sugar contain a stabiliser?

Yes, food-grade stabiliser(s) is/are added to refine fluid density.

Is BRAND’S® Bird's Nest with Rock Sugar made with genuine bird’s nest?

Yes, quality bird’s nests harvested from caves and nesting houses located in several Southeast Asian countries are used in the manufacturing process.The nests’ authenticity is verified by our unique Fingerprinting Technology Infrared (FTIR).

Does the consumption of BRAND’S® Bird's Nest with Rock Sugar have any effect on asthmatics?

Our products are not meant for use as a treatment or cure for any ailment. However, should you have any specific health conditions or concerns, it is best to consult with a physician first.

How does bird's nest benefit the skin?

Traditional Chinese Medicine cites bird’s nest as mildly cooling in nature and reputed to improve skin complexion and address dry skin condition.

How does bird's nest help to maintain good health? Bird’s nest is traditionally documented to improve the appetite and support the digestive system.

It is known to contain good nutritional profile namely protein, essential amino acids, carbohydrates and minerals to nourish the body for good health.

How is BRAND’S® Bird's Nest with Rock Sugar manufactured?

Bird’s nests sourced from the Southeast Asian region undergo thorough cleaning and inspection processes. Then, they are boiled with rock sugar solution using a specially developed brewing method that seals in the quality and flavour.

What is bird’s nest?

Edible bird’s nests are made of swiftlet saliva and harvested from caves, cliffs and specially built nesting houses. Such nests are a traditional delicacy in Chinese culture, prized for their skin nourishing properties. Regular consumption is believed to restore energy, relieve fatigue, and nourish the body for good health.

Why choose BRAND’S® Bird's Nest with Rock Sugar over homemade bird’s nest?

BRAND’S® Bird's Nest with Rock Sugar is made using only quality bird’s nests sourced from the Southeast Asian region. In addition, high manufacturing standards and hygienic processes seek to deliver premium taste and freshness. On the other hand, making bird’s nest at home requires substantial time, effort and experience to produce a brew of reasonable quality. In some instances, some of the highly valued benefits of bird’s nest may be destroyed due to improper preparation.