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Consumer FAQ about Solid Cultivated Fruit Body of Antrodia Camphorata


Q1: What’s the difference between Antrodia Camphorata and Ganoderma lucidum (Lingzhi also known as Reishi Mushroom)?



Antrodia Camphorata

Ganoderma lucidum


No stipe. Shaped flat, bell, hoof, or tower. Growing on wood surfaces.

With stipe. Cap is bright. Spore only attaches under the cap. Usually seen on dead wood.


Light reddish brown, light brown, tan

Cap top is brown.


Fragrant odor, taste spicy and bitter.

Slightly bitter.

Variety of Triterpenoids fingerprints

More than 200.

About 20~50 for one genus.

More than 200 for all genera.

Triterpenoids content



Polysaccharide content




Q2. What are triterpenoids and their effect?

Ans.: Triterpenoids are composed of 30 carbon atoms, and are the main source of mushrooms bitter taste. Based on current research, triterpenoids are able to suppress the growth of cancer cells*, and the emission of histamine*, elevate liver function*, prevent allergy*, oxidation*, and free radicals*, and have anti-inflammation effect*. The more varieties of triterpenoids, the more medicinal value*.


Q3: What is the cultured Antrodia Camphorata different from wild type?

Ans.: In fact, the quality of most wild types of Antrodia Camphorata is unstable and they are easily contaminated by heavy metals, and the effective compositions can not be fully extracted by cooking. However, through the cultivation of the fruit body of Antrodia Camphorata, the quality is under scientific control and the extraction process is precisely preformed. The effective compositions are tested and certified to have the best usage for our body, including triterpenoids, β-D glucant, adenosine, vitamins and minerals.


Q4: There are various brands of Antrodia Camphorata products in the market. How should we choose?

Ans.: Antrodia Camphorata is cultivated by several methods, generally falling into two categories: mycelium cultivation and fruit body cultivation. The particular difference of these two cultivation techniques is the effective composition, the triterpenoids. The mycelium is generated by asexual reproduction, and contains no triterpenoids, while there are reproductive spores on the fruit body’s surface to perform sexual reproduction, and the triterpenoids are generated in the sexual phase. The effective composition is the most important indicator for a health care product’s efficacy*, thus the fruit body cultivation product is a better Antrodia Camphorata choice. It is crucial for consumers to cautiously choose from the available Antrodia Camphorata products, especially those that claim to be made from the solid or log cultivated fruit body. Check if the product has passed safety and functional testing with a clear ingredient labeling and national certification to ensure the product is worthwhile and healthy. In addition, note that the product packaging is not damaged and clearly labeled with the manufacturer information, and manufacture and expiry date to protect you as a consumer.


Q5: Are there any side effects or toxic effects from long term dosage?

Ans.: Our Antrodia Camphorata fruit body product has been through a precise biochemical extraction process, under strict quality control to provide the triterpenoids, polysaccharides, vitamins and minerals without other impurities. It is certified by the Department of Health, Executive Yuan, R.O.C. to be a food but not a medicine, and has passed inspections by the following institutions to prove that no side effects or toxicity is present in high dosage: the Japan Food Research Laboratories, Development Center for Biotechnology, National Science Council Hsinchu Instrument Center and the College of Nuclear Science of National Tsing Hua University.


Q6: Normally Chinese herbal medicines contain a high content of potassium, and will become a burden for the kidney.* Does this happen for those on kidney dialysis or with kidney disease after taking the Antrodia Camphorata fruit body product?

Ans.: Potassium in foods will affect kidney function for those with poor kidney function or regression. By ingesting low potassium meals, the consumption of potassium can be restricted to fewer than 2,000mg a day. Our product contains 5.6 mg potassium per gram, and 84mg for 15 grams per box. Thus it is safe to consume one box per day, even for patients with poor kidney function*. However, it may be dangerous to ingest the high potassium content, heavy metal, and other toxins with some uncontrolled products.


Q7: Gout patients have to restrict their mushroom intake.* Does that mean people with high uric acid cannot take Antrodia Camphorata?

A:Well Shine Biotechnology Antrodia Camphorata fruit body product has been through a precise biochemical extraction process and under strict quality control to provide only health care quality compositions without other impurities. The product contains very little purine and cannot cause the uric acid to increase in blood*.


Q8: Are there any points to note when taking Antrodia Camphorata?

Ans.: It is suggested to take Antrodia Camphorata with warm water (not milk, juice, coffee, tea or other herbal medicines which could prevent absorption and cause chemical reactions harmful to the body.) Basically, Antrodia Camphorata is not affected by other medicine or food*, but it is suggested one take it on an empty stomach to ensure the best absorption. Keep an interval of one to two hours between taking Antrodia Camphorata and other medicine*. For those who cannot swallow pills, open the pill to mix the Antrodia Camphorata powder with some water. For those who cannot bear the bitter taste, add appropriate amount of honey to improve flavor.


For the elderly and those with sensitive constitutions, start taking small dosages of Antrodia Camphorata and gradually increase to the required dosage*. For pregnant women, it is suggested to consult a doctor before taking Antrodia Camphorata. Although the product has passed testing and clinical experiments showing no ill side effect, for breast-feeding mothers, it is recommended to stop consumption of the product*.


Antrodia Camphorata contains chitins to help expel retained feces, and heavy metals in the body; it is normal to have dark color feces and more frequent bowel movements in the initial five days of taking Antrodia Camphorata.* If severe diarrhea occurs, mix equal portions of water and sports drink to supplement water and electrolytes, and reduce dosage if necessary.* After the diarrhea eases, take normal dosage again.*


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Disclaimer: The above information is not intended for self-diagnosis or self-treatment.  Please consult a qualified health care professional for assistance in applying the information contained in this document.

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