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Emperor Love Brand Story


Starting in 1950 as a family business in Taiwan, Emperor Love is a premium tea brand dedicated to using the finest tea to bring the best quality

brews and share a tea lifestyle all around the world. Emperor Love uses All Natural Taiwan Oolong Tea, Green Tea, and Herbal blends.

By adding a modern twist to the traditional classic taste, we invite you to re-imagine fine tea and enjoy the true delights of what our enticing

cup of tea offers. Emperor Love follows strict quality production assurance standards. Every Product is inspected and complies with SGS

specifications and international standards.


Who Are We?

          At Emperor Love, we believe that our matcha green tea is a great addition to a healthy lifestyle. Partnering with the best farms in Taiwan, we

offer the highest quality of matcha at some of the best prices, so that you too can add it to your own healthy lifestyle! A cup of really good

tea, let the land endless, let you exude the power of beauty from the inside out! Adhering to the love of land and nature, the company strictly

selects high-quality tea materials from Taiwan and around the world, and in accordance with natural cultivation methods, carefully presents

tea series of oolong, compound, Pu'er, and original leaf tea powder, and strictly controls the tea products. Each batch of tea has been tested by

more than 400 SGS pesticide residues, allowing you to easily enjoy healthy and healthy tea, bringing radiant beauty from the inside out!


Oolong Tea

          Yufeng travels through the forests of all parts of Taiwan to find like-minded oolong tea farmers. With a friendly environment, it is good at water and

soil conservation and maintains the beauty of natural forests. The soil of the tea garden is black and bright, the tea tree is full of vitality, and the 

deeply rooted tree roots absorb natural nutrients, and lock the natural world energy into fresh tea.


Combination Tea

          The selection of oriental tea as the base, with the natural flowers and plants of the original origin of Germany, to prepare a daily formula suitable for

different moods, when the western flowers and plants meet the warm taste of oriental tea, it stimulates a wonderful taste. A variety of choices,

accompanying the moments in life, let the sweet moments into the throat, bring a beautiful and pleasant touch!


Original leaf is dissolved in tea powder

          It is made of fresh tea leaves and is made into instant tea powder. It does not contain trans fat and artificial flavor. It is strictly tested by SGS and

guaranteed 100% peace of mind. Cold bubbles in the summer, smooth and smooth; hot drinks in winter, fragrant and mellow. Exquisite pouch

packaging, easy to enjoy anytime, anywhere, rich and delicious.


High Quality Assurance

          We work with Taiwan Oolong Tea Farmers, do not mix our teas, do not make any genetic modifications.

- In order to conform to the natural cultivation methods, do a good job of soil and water conservation and protect the mountain forest environment.

- The compound tea is selected from the raw materials of flowers and fruits imported from Germany.

- Each batch of tea has been tested by more than 400 SGS pesticide residues.

Combining the East and the West, tradition and modernity, you are invited to enjoy the rich tea universe and feel the joy of happiness.


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